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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The scariest thing that ever can happen

The scariest thing that ever can happen,

When I’ve ask people what are their biggest fears, the answers are as follows:
1. Dyeing.
2. Dyeing alone
3. Losing their loved ones
4. Losing money, and being homeless
When I was a kid my biggest fear was being eaten by a shark (thank you Mr.Spielberg ). That made no sense, because the place where I’ve lived hadn’t any sea or ocean, so the chances of being attacked by a shark were zero. As I’ve started to grow up my fears have changed, the shark phobia has gone, and my new worse fear began: being scared of dogs biting me. I think every age has its own fears. We have different fears at the age of 10 then the age of 35, but we always find something that we can be scared of. Now my fear of dogs has gone. Nowadays I think the worst thing that can happen to me is losing my memory. Sounds strange, I know, but I couldn’t live without my memories. I’ve had a miraculous childhood with loving parents and grandparents, I’ve met with fantastic people, I’ve experienced many faces of love and I’ve travelled a lot. I love every single memory of mine, without them I’d be a completely different person .Thanks to my memories I can remember the girl I was at the age of fourteen and who I would like to be at the age of eighty. I’ve always defined myself as the luckiest kid alive because everything that happened to me, good and bad, was great. I love and cherish my memories about my first trip with my grandparents, about the first food that I’ve cooked (that was rubbish), my first friends, first parties, first kisses, first sex, first wedding and the first time when I’ve jumped in to a man’s neck and I’ve kissed him, first time when I left home at the age of twenty two…et cetera. I also love my sweet memories about the time when I’ve met with my Soul mate and we fell in love, the first time when I’ve lived on my own, the first time when I got attacked by a dog and my daddy saved me. When I found out that my ex-hubby had cheated on me, the only thing I felt after 6 years of marriage was Freeeedooom, yuppiieeeeee and I’m getting a divorce(my second thought was :Really ?With her??). My first bicycle accident was funny, I broke my arm, but my favourite was when I had an accident on a motorbike and my soul mate saved me and that’s why I’m alive. Good to remember how many great times I’ve spent with my grandparents. I can still remember my grandpa’s voice and every time I feel myself terrible I just imagine he’s still with me .I also believe I have great guardian angels whose defend me, thank you guysJ. I love my daddy, he’s a fantastic creature of this Planet and I have the most brilliant mum I could ever wish for. My boyfriend is the best thing that has ever happened to me, he’s amazing just the way he is.
I love my decisions and the way I show my love. Everything that is good in me is the love that I’ve learned from my family, and the only way I can give back this love I’ve got from them is to show the love to everyone who needs it. I live life without fears and with honesty.
I’m in love with life and I’ve never taken it  for granted.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Art or Snobbery?

Art or Snobism?

I’ve always get a bit annoyed when I’ve gone in  to a gallery and thousands of people are standing in front of a painting, which is full of pubic hair and pig skin. What the hell is that all about? What is artistic about painting one ring on to a box, and naming that “My soul, from 1999”.My favourite is when people start serious discussions about toilet seats, which is full of lipstick marks and says “that’s so unique and so brave”, Really?  If I leave lipstick marks on the toilet seat my family will probably shout at me at the top of their voice. If I try to explain to them that’s art, the situation will probably get worse.
I’ve been in many galleries, many times because as a porcelain painter I love arts. Painting and creating anything is the best way of self-expression. I’ve experienced people whose are enthusiastically visiting contemporary art galleries and having endless discussions about a simple, one coloured cube, those people are just like snobs and like half-educated tourists, who spend one and a half hours in front of the Mona Lisa. The only difference between the contemporary art fan and classical art fan is that the first group look down on the last group. Nowadays it’s not trendy to take a hat off in front of Brueghel, Da Vinci, Raffaelo, because everybody knows them and everybody appreciate their art. Most of these people want to be unique in every possible way, in their eyes if you can adore a toilet seat with lipstick marks on it, you have special taste and you are unique. Deep in their heart they are not as keen on the contemporary art as they want to be. A friend of mine spent a huge amount of money on a painting called “The dog”. I have no idea who was the painter but I’ve never seen such an ugly dog as the one in that painting. He’s probably of the same opinion because he’s kept the painting on the toilet door. When I mentioned this to him, how ugly that painting is, he said “he knows but after five year it will worth more”, not.

The contemporary fans have two groups: The first group is art students, who read some very important book about how to paint something idiosyncratically. They have saved money since fourteen to buy a picture from a modern painter. They are usually wearing very extreme clothes, like a Westwood hat (but from Banana Republic), or something ridiculously simple like Converse shoes. The second group are half-educated, new money people without any sort of taste. Most of them made their millions from selling clothes, import, export, telecommunications, stock broking or their parents have supported them when they started a business, of course not everyone, not always, and not necessarily. The new money group is very recognizable, they are wearing designer clothes such as LV ,Gucci, Versace, Armani, Boss but very rarely Hermes and Zegna. Basically they are buying everything what their friends call art or fashionable.
The snobbery in my eyes is nothing but taking care about what others think about you .Most of mankind care about what others think, nobody wants to get badly judged by others. These people are forgetting one thing on the way to being unique: it’s not the taste of the art, not the clothes that you wear, not the place where you sleep or the belongings that you own that makes you unique, but the way that you think and what you think, and how you express your thoughts.
I’ve never cared about what others think about me. Once I was sure that penguins could fly and a snake could eat a hat. It’s just the Planet, sometimes it’s good to live here sometimes it isn’t, but always exciting.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Monica tits,and me

If I was a boy, I wouldn’t be able to control my erection whenever I saw sexy women.
If I was a boy, I take every girl for a one night stand and I’d never call them back, however I’d never tell them I will call you. I’d see prostitutes 4 times a week and I’d treat them like Queens.
If I was a boy I’d go for a wee in public places. In the summer I’d go out without a T-shirt showing off my big beer belly. I’d go out with the guys at least 3 times per week to play poker and the fact that I can’t cook would be charming in a women eyes. If I was a boy I’d be a very lazy bloke. I’d lay in bed ‘til midday. I’d buy all the porn mags in the world and posters of Monica Belluci tits, which I’d put on the top of the bed like others do with crucifixes or a face of Jesus.
If was a boy my girlfriends would do my washing and they’d clean my house. I wouldn’t treat them like slaves and I’d buy flowers for them every day and tell them how beautiful they are.
If I had a sexy girlfriend asking me what I think about her new dress, I’d tell her, she’s the most beautiful women on the Earth. I’d write poetry for her and I’d listen to every word she says about her soul, her needs and problems. If she cried, I’d support her and hug her till the tears stopped flowing.
I don’t like being licked down there but I’d lick her if she liked it but only if she folds my clothes and looking after my dog, donkey and horse.
If I were a boy I’d be a builder or an astronaut or maybe a fireman (women love that), or a philosopher-writer who does nothing but drinking wine and sometimes writes about bullshit and the public loves that.
I’d want to build my own house with my mates and tell everyone (literally!!!) hey muppets, look at that, that’s MY house and I built that. I’d be faithful to my girl and I’d marry her and I’d proudly tell everyone, she’s my girl. I’d never let her down and I’d be her big strong teddy bear. She will forgive my attraction to Monica Bellucci tits, because she will have enough self-confidence about how much I love her and her tits are the best.
She also will excuse me if I jerk off under the shower, she’d know it’s not about her, I’m just can’t take for granted that I have a big dick so I’d have to make sure daily.
If I were a boy I’d be honest with her and with everyone. I’d enjoy giving lovely moments to 60 years old women by flirting with them, and they can tell their girlfriends how gentlemanly I am. Probably I’d try to be an army pilot, but acting better than stupid Tom Cruise in Top Gun.
If my girl came home with the news she’s pregnant, I’d scream and I tell her, I’m afraid to be a dad, rather than pretend that’s the coolest thing in the world.

But I’m a girl and being a girl is good and cool.
But boys are sometimes cooler than us.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Julien,but not Sorel

One of the most controversial characters of this century is Julien Assange, the founder of .You can hate him, you can love him but you can't ignore him. Nobody cares about the truth, while it doesn't affect their daily life. To the everyday person the information's about political corruption, illegal transactions, murders, etc, it simply doesn’t exists because it makes no differences in their life.
People don’t really care for the truth about what’s going on in the Iraqi war, no one wants to hear how many Arabian children and family where killed by American soldiers who thought, killing innocent people is funny. Every country needs heroes; it’s a sort of psychological need. They love to say; “Yeah, we won the war”, and then give hundreds of medals to soldiers  who did nothing but be involved in one of the most disgraceful wars on the Planet.
The Vatican is still holding back important information about history.
They think nobody should know the truth.

Julien Assange is brave enough to publish secret information. This century doesn’t like real heroes because they are dangerous for society. They are helping us all to think.
Think about what we live for; think about our social system. Being an who tells the truth nowadays is equivalent to being an alienated weirdo.

Thank you Julien in the name of BernieLand.

Monday, 17 January 2011

beautiful horror

After that post a lot of people will judge on me so, I have to tell everything,what I'm writing down is MY personal opinion,from MY prospective and I don't want to offend anyone in anyway,sorry if I will:-))

Lots of people asked me what I think about givig birth,and what's why i wouldn't like to have kids.

1.Pregnant women are huge,most of them look like a fridge and they always find an excuse why they are so fat(I have to eat for two,hormone's,bla bla) and after the childbirth they find other excuses why they can't be bothered to go for a walk.

2.Running around with a huge belly for 9 months is a nightmare.

3.After birth their vagina will be the size of a garage,so you have to be a horse at least to make them scream.

4.Pregnant women within and after the pregnancy going crazy,most of them losing they sex drive,getting depressed,or in a very worst scenario they stop being a women,and they are put their child first instead of their husband(who was the first arrive).

5.Giving birth its a horror,I haven't any better word for that.The bonus shock is when you first see your children,who look's like a small angry Alien,covered with blood.Never understand the enthusiastic parents that as soon as they see their kids starts to shout:He looks like meeeeeee.They dont even see their faces because of the blood,so what are they on about?However,at least you are still alive.

6.Ok,child has arrived,what's next?Non stop job,poo everywhere,no one can sleep,sleepless parents,and in the end of the day you got a small something who's gorgeous but can't speak,can't do a single thing but cry.

Im not against child birth,on the contrary,fingers crossed for everyone.I think that mum's are the bravest people on the Planet,so take my hat off to them,Really.But I prefer being a coward.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Important Links

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