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Friday, 11 November 2011

Poppy,Bernie and the Muslims

Yesterday I’ve bought a poppy despite I’m not English and I have nothing to do with the Remembrance Day. I’m living in this country since 5 years and within this time I never involved in any social, political, or race issues, I’ve had never been voted for any party but I’ve always worked and socialised, and I’ve learned a lot about the English culture and I lived as a happy cosmopolitan which is I am.

The reason why I bought a poppy is a bit complex. I’ve bought it because I think those heroes are died for a good case, they died for this country and they believed they could make this country better for their sons, families for the future generations. This is something that everybody should appreciate doesn’t matter where you from, or who you are, heroes are heroes in every language, and in every nation.

The second, and probably the strongest reason why did I put a poppy on my coat is I find absolutely disgraceful the Muslim’s actions. I hate that fact they want you to respect their beliefs but they not respect yours (whatever it is).Burning a symbol of a nation heroes is one of the worse thing I’ve ever heard and it’s absurd. “If you live in Rome, live like a Romains”. With that poppy I demonstrate against those Muslim’s whose burning poppies and provokes those whom believe and appreciate their heroes and I think every single soul should do the same for the good case. I’m a visitor in this country, and after a while I will move in to another country as I want to see the world, and my life is about journey. The Muslim’s are visitors too, it’s not their nation, it’s not their country so they has no rights whatsoever to making rules, or forcing their opinion on the others.

Thanks for the home secretary, if they will burn poppies on this day they could face with 10 years in a jail.

I’ love my country and I wear my poppy on every 23th of October to remember our sad but brave revolutionist’s whose fought and died in 1956 for a better Hungary. When I lived in my country I was ignorant with my (and every other countries) but after 5 years in abroad I understand what is nation pride means. Not just with words, but with hearts as well.

Some group does maybe will call me racist just because I completely disagree with the Muslim’s but it’s nothing to do with the race. It’s not about their belief, their colour it’s about their actions. Not every Muslim’s like that. Nowadays when e.g. a black man, a Pakistani, a Muslim, Islamic, Arabic ,gipsy,chinese(and other races) do something which is against the law, majority of people are afraid to criticise  them as they have a fear from others to getting stick as a racist. That’s what I call positive discriminations which are such as bad as negative discriminations.

The sad thing is the Muslims with their actions could make a lot of people racist and those Muslim’s whose work hard and respect this culture will suffer from negative discrimination which is a massive injustice.

Old cliché but so true:” My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

Wear you poppy with pride doesn’t matter what others say, be proud of your heroes but always think before you make a bad judgement about any Muslims without knowing them as not all of them radical fanatics. This country doesn’t need more racist, but good people.