Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sex addiction and New Year

I hate New Year parties as I always feel a kind of “society pressure “to go somewhere to drink  and dance, something which is a MUST have “because it’s New Year’s Eve. If you don’t want to be a part of it, you are an outsider. Many times when I went to partying on New Year’s Eve I’ve had controversial experiences, and I can’t remember too much thing but body parts, sex, kissing with strangers and landing in a writer house and finding myself in a middle of an orgy. Everybody fucked with everyone, the house was full of with smell of sex and we don’t even introduce to each other. Another New Year party has ended up on a top of a hill with at least 46 biker girls and boys, in a middle of nowhere. That time no smart phone has existed,I’ve been in a huge house with assholes, from 10p.m to 4 a.m. I’ve listened crap music and I’ve talked with people who didn’t even know where they are. Thanks God my best friend successfully found me at 4a.m and picked me up. The next new year Eve started in a famous underground club where we met with some German guys and it ended up in a house with a great sex .Afterwards we went to another house party, and that was the time when I’ve met real weirdo’s. The party wasn’t a real party but a bunch of people watched the telly and drunken alcohol free champagne. I’ve suggested to watch porn but they told me it’s  “beneath them,so  afterwards I’ve listened endless conversations about religions, Catholicism etc which is fine if it’s not about a party and not in New Year’s Eve. Next New Year’s Eve started in a club again, kissing and dancing with one of my best friend brother , and that was the time when me and my friend didn’t talked for two years as she hated her brother so much and in her eyes our fling was a betrayal .I’ve spent great times in rock concerts with friends, great sex with stranger’s and I can’t remember their face’s, or their name’s but it was good at the time.

You can judge me how sexually free I was, but obviously I don’t care bad judgements otherwise I never share my story. I’ve had some normal house party with friends and many more which I can’t fully remember. The list of my New Year’s fun is not completed yet. You can call me bitch, whore, whatever, no regrets, no shame life was great. During these times I gained enough experience in every level so when I say “I love you Marty”-I mean it.

Nowadays I can’t relate to the girl who I was long time ago, but I cherish great memories from that time. I lived my teenager hood happily, I’ve tried lots of things and now I found the ultimate happiness and I don’t feel the need to fuck with strangers, or with friends or anyone whose moving but my beautiful Soul mate.

It was a long way to find myself and today, this New Year will be completely different as we decided to stay at home, eating junk, and watching great dvd-s together in each other arms. I will put on my Panda’s baby grow and my new Yeti home boots and just enjoy and celebrate our love. I don’t miss a thing,this is the perfection.

Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all happiness, joy and fun for the next year and sex sex sex….

“Your only duty is save your dreams”(Modligiani)

Life is amazing.

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