Thursday, 18 April 2013

My dear facebook friends, yes, its about YOU;-)

Few years ago FB was a place where people shared their thoughts, moods and activities. Nowadays it’s more about publishing “clichés” with idiot pictures like: I love my brother/cat/mum, I’m fat and proud (ok, it normally comes like “real ladies have curves”), pictures about tortured animals, wisdom clichés about love, friends, and of course the “keep calm and carry on” crap. The best part is the “share”. Someone publish some fucked up things like “share it if you have a heart”, “share if you love your mum”, “let’s see how many of you dare to share?” WTF??? So if I’m not sharing your simple minded crap clichés does that mean I don’t love my mum, horses, husband or I’m, not proud of myself? I always wanted to say how I’m fucking bored with that “real ladies have curves” stuff. It’s just an excuse why you can’t be asked to exercise. I’ve never read anything like “real ladies are pretty and slim”. I think everybody is beautiful regardless to their weight but why do you feel the need to tell that “real women have curves “to the world on a daily basis? Does that mean that women without curves are not real women? If having curves means looking like you, I prefer to be unreal.

 There is nothing wrong with being “fat and proud”, but do it quietly like normal people who don’t feel the need to publish on a daily basis that “I’m slim, pretty, and proud” share if you agree. Some of you are publishing pictures about fat girl’s (not curvy, fat believe me I can spot the difference) and next to that picture you publish another picture about a model like Miranda Kerr and asking that which one looks better? For me the slimmer one, but if I don’t like your “fat lady choice” you will label me as shallow.
 Just to clarify: She is fat.
 She's got curves.
 She's slim and pretty.

If you don’t like this picture, something horrible will happen to you tomorrow. Really? Like what?

If you don’t like my status you don’t believe in God and if you don’t believe in God then Satan will take you away. Sometimes I’ve got the feeling that my FB friends are zombies and I hate to say that.

I don’t give a fuck about the “Keep Calm and Carry On” shit, in fact I don’t even understand why you all so addicted to that sentence. Why do you have to share it on a daily basis? If you are nervous have a ciggy, have sex,whatever but I generally find it odd that you will feeling calmer just because you published a “keep calm and carry on “ cliché.

“You don’t know my life, I have scars, you know my name but not my number…”. Ehh??Do I want to know? No. Do I care your scars? No. The whole stuff sounds like you defend yourself and try to convince everyone about how proud you are to being you, no bad comments can touch, you are hard as nails. In real life you are a lovey and sensitive person, which is a great thing so why do you feel the need to pretend you are tough?

Most importantly: where‘s your OWN original thoughts gone? Why do feel the need to use other peoples thoughts, sayings…etc. Why do you think that something is wrong with yours? I don’t believe that if I like a picture of a cancer sufferer he/she will get better as I’m not God, things doesn’t work on that way unfortunately.

I hate reverse psychology it’s not just manipulative but absolutely unnecessary from my point of view.

Nope I will not share your crap. Get a life.

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