Saturday, 21 September 2013

My top 40 movies

I always wanted to make a list about my favourite movies of all time so here are my choices. These are my most loved film’s that I believe everybody should watch at least once in their life.

40. An affair to remember (1957)

39. Catch me if you can: Frank is my man equivalent
38. Lolita (1997)

37.Reservoir Dogs
36.Funny girl

35.Knife in the Water

34.East of Eden

33.12 Angry Men

32.Blue Velvet

31.The Apartment

30.American Beauty

29.Meet me in St Louis

28. Deer Hunter


26. Winnie the Pooh the Movie

25. Gone With The Wind

24. Birds

23.The postman always ring twice

22. The Shining

21. Three colours: Blue

20. Jules Et Jim

19.Annie Hall

18. La Finestra Di Fronte

17. The Tenant: Masterpiece from Polanski.

16. Pulpfiction

15. The Artist

14. Husbands

13. Marty

12:Belle Du Jour

11. Last Tango in Paris

10. The Graduate

9. Volver

8. Raging bull

7. Casino

6. The obscure object of desire

5. The Great Escape

4. Full Metal jacket

3. Donnie Brasco

2. Jaws

1. Goodfellas

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